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The Construction Of HAND Campus

On October 9, 2012,the construction of HAND Campus, located in Qingpu District, Shanghai, was officially started on such a nice autumn day.

Over more than ten years of efforts, HAND has developed from the original 30-square-meter hotel room into a company capable of building its own park. Leaders participating in the opening ceremony and guests maintaining a long-term cooperative relationship with the company all felt quite excited and passionate about the current status of the company. All these are attributed to the customers of HAND who have showed their trust and support to HAND whether in its startup stage or in the course of growth.

The Campus will cover an area of about 50,000m2.With an ideal geographical position, convenient transportation and nice surrounding environment, it is only 10-minute walk from the planned subway and Shangda river is winding along the Campus. Planned in the first phase of construction are six buildings with a floor space of more than 50,000m2, including the main office building, development center (including China-based Japan offshore development and BPO), support, operation and maintenance center, the second office building, staff apartment and canteen, and activity center. It is hoped that the completed HAND Campus will create a better working environment and provide better life arrangements for the staff, offer our customers a good base for hard environment service and make great efforts to develop such businesses as China-based Japan offshore development, business process outsourcing (BPO), operation and maintenance support outsourcing.

During the construction process, in order to express our gratitude, we will choose a large quantity of the products from HAND’s customers, including Hitachi elevator system, Haili air source heat pump system, Panasonic lighting, switch and fire control facilities, Trane central air-conditioning system affiliated to Ingersoll Rand Group, the well-known aluminum window products manufactured by Suzhou Lopsking Group, etc.

HAND Campus project is designed by Shanghai Zhongfu Architectural Design Institute (SZADI), supervised by Shanghai Shenhai Construction Supervision Co. Ltd. affiliated to Haicheng Group, and contracted and constructed by Shanghai Tiansong Construction Engineering Co. Ltd. By the end of 2013, the first phase of the project will have been completed as scheduled.

We hope today is a fresh start and also the foundation for the future career of HAND. Many respectable customers of HAND have made great contributions to HAND in the past days. Today, they’re also witnessing the great expectations of HAND for a better future. All staff of HAND will work harder to reward our customers.