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HAND HANA Team Won Third Prize in SAP TECHED Demo Jam

"Performance Optimization after HANA-based Addition of Custom Fields to New General Ledger",a work by Yao Weihua on behalf of HAND Information has won the third prize in the Demo Jam round of SAP TECHED hold in Shanghai on 4th -5th December, 2012. Congratulations are hereby given to the participant team members: Yao Weihua,Yang Zhenglei, Zeng Chao, Tan Zhilin, Ren Tao, Liu Jian and Han Ning.

The HANA-based solution of HAND has solved the problem of performance degradation caused by the addition of extra segment to ledger account balance sheet under SAP NEWGL. By using the solution, query speed has increased about 1,000 times, meanwhile, it has provided convenience for financial users to obtain custom statements and enriched the means of presenting statements. From the technical perspective, it is mainly involved with SAP NewGL,HANA,BO, etc.

SAP TECHED (SAP TechEd) is SAP’s highest level of technological communication conference. It is held once in a year, and this year it is held in Las Vegas, Madrid, Bangalore and Shanghai. Demo Jam (SAP Innovation Demonstration Challenge Competition) is provided by SAP as an arena for in-group source to show both themselves and the creativity of their enterprise. There are about 100 works presented this year which has aroused very fierce competition.