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About Hand Vyung

Products & Services    

Hand Vyung Department was established in 2010, and then developed by HAND Enterprise Solutions Company Ltd. into an company named Hand Vyung Information Technology Co., Ltd (using Vyung in the below). Vyung aims to build a perfect image of enterprise information construction for customers, providing a series of products & services and solutions for both local and multi-national clients. Within a professional, efficient cooperation environment, our teams not only helping customers to achieve their business goals and objectives, but also improving their business efficiency and promoting the overall management level for our clients.

Our Team

As a subsidiary company of HAND, by Dec of 2015,we have more than 80 consultants which include 60 CRM consultants and 20 AX/NAV consultants. Furthermore, our core team is consisting of eminent consultants who have worked on CRM and AX areas for over 6 years in HAND. Besides that, Vyung pays a lot attention on efficiency and cooperation of customer relationship, and likely to provide a professional service of Enterprises Informatization for customers. Until 2015, Vyung have served over 50 enterprise customers and covered many industries, such as retail, car manufacturing, and Internet high technology, etc.

Effectiveness of the delivery mode and process

At present, Vyung have set up Remote Development Center, Research and Development Center, Operations and Maintenance Center and Training Center located in Shanghai. Combing the advantages of first-line consultants with Remote Development Center leads to outstanding service experiences. Applying the Hand Quick Methodology indicated that Vyung takes importance to sustainability, value toolize and collaboration.

Why Vyung

In order to become an excellent cooperate partner of Microsoft Dynamics, Vyung focuses on improving competitiveness. Since now, Vyung have received a lot of positive feedbacks from CRM clients. At the same time, Vyung also won the 2015 Inner Circle Award for Microsoft Dynamics which proved that Vyung now be able to explore business of Dynamics along with Microsoft China. HAND is the oldest, biggest information technology consulting & service company in China. As a subsidiary company, Vyung holds a great amount of resources and experiences based on HAND’s platform. Rely on its effective staff training system, successful delivery experiences and intelligent customers’ cooperation mode, Vyung has ensured its ability of delivery enterprise solutions.

Other Products

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a smart business solution for enterprises, and through timely observation and information, it gives users a method to rapidly adapt to the business. Besides that, flexibility of Cloud also bring a lot possibilities for customer’s market by improve their speed of changing operations processes and effectively achieve important values.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is only one customer relationships management system which is sales productivity driven and highly customized over the world.  Taking an advantage of integration with Microsoft Office, CRM devote itself to strengthen and improve companies’ sales, marketing and customer services. By providing more convenient maintain environment, CRM also decreases the difficulties in user setting and maintaining.  

Windows Azure

Windows Azure provides an agile and open cloud computing platform, and supports all major operating systems, languages and development tools, with providing international standards 99.95% of service-level agreements. On the other hand, it can save operational costs, allowing you to focus on core business. There are Features: Always on; Safe and Reliable; Open and Agile; Mixed deployment; Cost-efficient and Strong Zoom; Fully Functional; Integration of Iaas and PaaS.

Office 365

Office 365 is an advanced cloud service for all enterprises to achieve the best productivity and efficient collaboration, which is also a Microsoft application suite based on the cloud platform.


SharePoint is a web application platform within a Microsoft Office service suite. Which combines functions that could satisfy various of industries: intranet, content management, document management, personal cloud, enterprise social networking, business intelligence, etc.



Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM contains powerful content of sales, marketing and services management. In detail, it includes functions such as orders management, salesmen management, sales quotation management, contracts management, customer master data management, vendor management, marketing information management, after-sale service management, etc.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM could achieve:

Promote your revenue, and keep track on sales channel in order to target your sales plan correctly

Give an insight looking of marketing, and propose effective sales solutions

Trace back to your customers’demand and actively seize business opportunities

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) management software by absorbing advanced operations management ideas, mixing characters of various industries, and perfectly fitting the business processes. It is a flagship of Microsoft Dynamics ERP products. Based on the seamless integration of Microsoft platform, several industries such as manufacturing, finance, service, retail, public department have been successfully applied with AX solutions in the reality and gained a good result.

Microsoft Dynamics AX could achieve:

Let it become easier to promote and rebuilt your business processes

Make your finance management systematic and easily been approached

Less necessary for re-developing

Integrated management system makes it easier to get a view of whole business

Providing unique ERP solutions for specific industries

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics Navision (Dynamics NAV for short) is a Microsoft ERP management solutions designed specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises, including efficient financial management, manufacturing management, business intelligence, sales and marketing, distribution and management, even provide the package which support China's financial regulation. Microsoft Dynamics Navision can quickly adapt to the customer's business extends and changes, and this unique approach to flexible configuration, allows customers to work more efficiently, and make your business more competitive.