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Business standardization of global enterprises in China:

A global enterprise has unified model and standard operations for corporate management and development. By utilizing its own management advantages and its unified criteria and core values for its global businesses, a global enterprise has an urgent need to implement uniform and standardized business criteria in its branches all over the world and share the same business platform and information system. Hence, it is not only important but also necessary for a global enterprise to realize standardization for its business in China.

However, any economy or country in the world has its unique environment.  Each country at different development phase or at different region, adapt various degree of control over its economic recognition. It is obvious that, China, as a rapidly developing economy, has different extent of control over the business and management of different enterprises. 

Therefore, it is no doubt that it is a huge challenge to help a global company to implement globally uniform business standards in its Chinese branches. From the perspective of the global management executives, they cannot tolerate that the Chinese branch is unconstrained by the globally uniform rules. At the same time, they also do not want to see their Chinese businesses run into troubles because of the mismatching between such external factors as finance and tax policies, exchange rate settlement, supply chains, sales models and distribution channels, with the globally uniform business system. 

As early as in the late 1990s, HAND began to help global enterprises with their business standardization in China. Starting with the basic work such as development of Chinese financial statements and programming of simple data interfaces.  HAND utilized basic technical means to solve the problem of global customers’ business standardizations in China. 

As time progress and experience accumulation after 2001, HAND started to transform from technical programing arena to lead standardizations for global enterprises.

By using our experience, general knowledge, and based upon the global standard promotion template, we developed special business standard promotion templates for Chinese companies in the China Region. This not only preserved the core value of the global standard template but also took full consideration of the need of the Chinese business environment. Thus helped the customers obtain good profits. 

Since 2001, we have helped tens of global enterprises promote their business standardization in China, some of them are well-known enterprises in Japan, U. S., Europe and Asia.