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Overseas BIZ

As China became the world’s second largest economy, Chinese enterprises are growing bigger and stronger, and more and more of them ascend into the rank of global top 500. Especially, in recent years, some Chinese enterprises made full use of their fund and technological advantages, achieved remarkable progress in the big market environment of China, and gradually became global leading enterprises in their respective industries. To go global and maintain their advantageous market position have become a necessary step for their development. As a long-term reliable service provider for these enterprises in the field of informatization, HAND thus gets the chance to present our ideas and experience to our foreign peers, which can be both opportunity and challenge for the development of HAND.

As a partner of these out-reaching enterprises, we are not only obliged to preserve and promote the customers’ domestic core business capabilities in their overseas branches but also need to realize the difference of doing business in other countries.  These challenges are part of difficulties that our business teams face in many aspects; which include technology, business, language, and local social culture differences.

With the long term partnership with our customers, we have grown our business with them while they start and expand their business overseas.  These efforts have brought our footprints in the U.S., Europe, Japan and Southeast Asia.  Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are the regions where we often sent our colleagues on business trips, and we even travel as far as to Venezuela and Afghanistan as well.  Through the implementation of these projects, we won the trust and compliments from our customers, and it also bring us the opportunity to directly engage with local business.