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Shanghai Share Technology Co., Ltd.

Share Technology (Shanghai Share Technology Co., Ltd.) was established in 1997. It is a high-tech company engaged in the research, development and sales of content management products and relevant services, and is also China’s biggest document digitalization BPO service provider.

In the content management sector, Share Technology takes the leading position among its national peers in providing core software platform, centralized digitalization, system integration, storage architecture, and end-to-end solutions. The company has been accredited by national authority as “high-tech enterprise” and “software enterprise”.

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Shanghai HAND RJ Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Compared with corporate ERP, the management informatization in finance, insurance and securities has its unique business models and business potential. The concentrated business capabilities and long-term service stability of the service provider are two key components of requirements from agencies, as well as the reliability of the information security of the service personnel. In order to meet market’s need, Shanghai HAND RJ Information Technology Co., Ltd. has set its business concentration on providing services for the industries of finance, securities and insurance. This is an elite team built by HAND to specially serve these industries.

Shanghai ZeroWire Inc.

Shanghai ZeroWire Inc. is committed to the business of mobile Internet application and mobile system integration. Since established in 2003, it has provided mobile application and professional solution service to dozens of well-known companies and institutions which include state-owned enterprises, government departments and global top 500 companies.

The company’s wireless application software products, which are designed to satisfy the demand of managing work outside the office (marketing, sales and customer service), can help enterprises improve work efficiency, customer service quality and competitiveness.

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Shanghai Origin Information Technology Co., Ltd. 

Shanghai Origin Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in providing PLM (product life-cycle management) solutions and consulting services. It is the company’s service goal to “solve problems for R&D organizations”.

The customers of Origin Information Technology come from industries such as high-tech electronics, automobile, machine manufacturing, electrical equipment, aeronautics and astronautics, and national defense, etc. The company takes “customer recognition” as the only criterion of success goal. Therefore, treating the customers in a warmhearted way and taking challenges fearlessly are major priorities while company aims to become a leading professional PLM consulting and implementing company in China.

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Hand-Vyung mainly focuses on developing both generic and specific business application solutions on the platform of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We have a highly qualified and skilled team offering the complete service of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, including business consulting, system implementation and daily operation, etc.

Hand-Vyung is the powerful and strategic partner of Microsoft Dynamics, devoting to expand the Microsoft Dynamics CRM business in China together with Microsoft China.

Hand-Vyung also provides other services like the delivery and promotion of Office 365 for large and medium enterprises, and the development of Share-point, etc.

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