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HAND’s business development has been accompanied by the development of its Oracle Business Department, which also witnessed the growth of Oracle application products in Mainland China. 

As one of the largest global software and service providers, Oracle had begun selling and promoting its database products in Mainland China long time ago.  As some of its global clients promoted the use of Oracle products in their Chinese branches in mid-1990s, Oracle started to introduce ERP as its core representative besides application products.

In 1996, Shanghai Hitachi Electrical Appliances Company Ltd. (SHEC), the then leading enterprise in the air-conditioning compressor industry in Mainland China, started to implement Oracle ERP system into their business operation management.  HAND as Oracle’s business partner was brought in to lead the project implementation effort.  This cooperation effort demonstrated the implementation project as the 1st Oracle ERP project and also introduced HAND as the earliest Oracle business partner in Mainland China.

After more than a decade of development, HAND’s Oracle team has evolved from just a few people into the largest department in the company; thousands of talented engineers and consultants.  This rapid growth offers the resource Oracle needs in supporting its booming business of application implementation in Mainland and also provides the quality services for hundreds of well-known enterprises.  Such implementation partnerships not just provided the initial execution of the ERP infrastructure they need but also established long-term business relations with them. 

To date, HAND has become a well-known Oracle business partner and also its Oracle team has accumulated rich practical experience in various industries such as manufacturing, engineering and construction, equipment manufacturing, infrastructure (including aviation, transportation and telecommunication), modern service (design, consultancy, law, health industry, IT) and real estate industry.   These characteristics distinguish us from other competitors and also allows to share our knowledge with our customers as the core.

Since the implementation of traditional ERP, Oracle Business Department has extended its product service scope to cover various core technological fields such as HR, CRM, EAM, EPM and middleware products.  Each field has developed and extended its own business both in scope and in depth. In the future, we will double our efforts to strengthen team training and promote our overall business level to a new height, so as to make us become a more professional team.