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Co-Sharing SC


The Co-Sharing Service Center is committed to help enterprises building a financial co-sharing service support platform for accounting, reimbursement and payment integration.  Its functions include the following:

  • ■   Consolidating handling of account payable, expenses and salaries of all branches
  • ■   Unified expense submission process and standards without ignoring  special condition of each branch
  • ■   Effectively preventing embezzlement
  • ■   Eliminating double-work
  • ■   Integrating with specialized fund system
  • ■   Centralized payment system of corporate fund
  • ■   Improving the effectiveness of corporate fund allocation, and reducing the overall cost
  • ■   Dealing with standard accounting entries in a concentrated manner according to standard accounting process and standard account titles
  • ■   Allocating tasks by transaction types to improve efficiency of bookkeeping
  • ■   Integrated interface to the image system
  • ■   Knowledge co-sharing platform, on-line training management
  • ■   Centralized operation performance review
  • ■   Using Problem Management platform to perform on-line collaboration of problem solving
  • ■   Providing scientific index for employee performance review