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I. Brief Introduction

As a leading Chinese local ERP consulting company, HAND is well-known among its industrial peers for its development capabilities accumulated through numerous projects. HAND Overseas Business Department, which was established in the end of 2003, mainly engages in IT outsourcing business. It provides Japanese and Chinese customers with ERP customizations specifically fit in to their business needs.  This includes application and development of JAVA, .NET, other technologies, and offshore outsourcing.

As the Department grows stronger in recent years, HAND actively expands its business scope to include AMO, BPO and other outsourcing opportunities. Currently, its customers mainly come from the sectors of domestic appliance, manufacturing, electrical appliance, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, machinery and finance. It has also developed in-depth cooperative relations with many well-known enterprises both at domestic and abroad. 

II. Main services

1. IT application development and test

The Department undertakes ORACLE EBS and SAP customizations and outsourcing of JAVA, .NET and other technologies. Its work involves in every step of detailed design, single product test and combined test.

Besides the implementation of new systems, the Department also helps with the upgrading and transformation of various existing systems.

With decades of industrial experiences in ERP implementation, the Department is capable of carrying out system designs, implementations, and other related work around ERP and its peripheral systems in an effective manner.

2. AMO service

The Department have more than ten years’ service experience of providing multinational enterprises, most in Japan, with various operation and maintenance services for their ERP systems (ORACLE EBS, SAP).

3. BPO service

The Department provides business process outsourcing services such as data entry, HelpDesk and technical support, so as to help the customers concentrate more on their core businesses.

III. Advantages

1. More brilliant talents

Through many successful experience of outsourcing and project development, the Department has well-trained and experience project managers and consultants. 

2. Guarantee for better product (project) quality

Having learned from the advanced management approaches of Japanese enterprises, the Department has implemented strict schedule management and quality management rules, which have helped ensure not only timely delivery, but also higher project quality.

3. More reliable service

The Department strive to maintain good communication (via teleconference, emails, weekly report, QA, etc.) with partners so as to provide more reliable service according to customers’ corporate culture, economic attributes and commercial customs.

IV. Project safety management organization

1.  The Director of Department: Taking full charge of data security control within the department, examine and approve the request of departmental employees to bring data out of the office.  Also taking full charge of disciplining those employees who violate the “Safety Management Regulations”.   Assuming corresponding responsibility of poor management if there is any departmental data leakage bringing any loss to the customers.

2.  Safety Management Office:  Laying out countermeasures (specifying the scope of application) and discipline rules, supervising the compliance of safety and discipline regulations.

3.  PM: Having full authority over all project data, including electronic files, codes and paper documents. Receiving the project employees’ requests to bring data out of the office and submitting the request to Director of the Department for approval. Advocating the compliance of the “Safety Management Regulations” among the project employees. Immediately reporting every single act of violation to Director of the Department.  Taking corresponding responsibility of poor management if there is any departmental data leakage bringing any loss to the customers.

4. SE/PG: Having the authority to read various profiles about the project. Reporting to PM if believing any of the profiles need to be nullified or revised, for examination and approval. Supervising other SE/PG for the execution of the “Safety Management Regulations”,  and reporting acts of violation to PM once such violation happens. If he needs to bring data out of the office, he shall first send an application to the PM for examination and approval. Assuming corresponding responsibility if customer loss is caused due to his personal acts.